Oasis Spa

Hair Removal

A laser or broad-spectrum, non-coherent flash lamp (IPL) can be used to reduce unwanted hair.  It only affects hair that is actively growing. For this reason several treatments are required to obtain a significant, long term reduction of hair growth. 

(Some skin types may need more treatments than others, and some are not recommeded for this treatment.) 

 Area  Cost
 Legs (full) $1500
Legs (half=knee & below) $750
Arms (full) $1200
Arm (half=elbow & below) $600
Back $1700
Upper Lip $300
Back of Neck $400
Front of Neck $400
Facial Hair $400
Chest $1700
Under Arms $500
Bikini $900
Brazilian $1200
Toes $200
Knuckles $200
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